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Kickball MVP!

Played my first kickball game of the season today, and I got MVP of the game. They didn't give me a trophy or anything, but it was really kind of a huge deal.

spent 3 hours at the climbing gym working on some stuff and finished with speed climbing and beat my previous best on a route by 3.5 seconds.

Five rounds for max reps of:
Ring Push-ups
Ring Pull-ups
-done with body armor and 4min between rounds-

1 17/10
2 20/10
3 15/8
4 13/8
5 14/7

79/43=122total reps

I wasn't too surprised at the low reps, but the ratio of push-ups to pull-ups was unexpected. Either my back and other flexor muscles were smoked from climbing keeping my pull-up reps low or I should have done ring dips as the substitute for the bench press. Next time will be as rx'd and if I need to modify again I will do ring dips and pull-ups with no vest.
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