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Carla Tremblay
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Re: Carla's Workout Log

Thursday, 4/24/08

Last night I learned how to do a “Thruster”. I love it. What a powerful movement! I did the workout with the 35 lb bar. Next time I will try it with the 45 lb bar and see how that goes. I’d like to focus on my form and technique before I get too crazy with the weight. Prior to CrossFit everything about my squats was wrong… Weight on my toes, leaning forward, not going deep enough… It’s getting better though. One day at a time!!


Finished in 12:21

100 Thrusters for Time (35 lb bar)

Friday, 4/25/08

Friday’s are typically a rest day for me. I travel weekly for work so on Friday I just try to get all my work done so I can take an early flight back home! Back to CrossFit tomorrow in San Antonio!!
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