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Re: Carla's Workout Log

Okay, so a little history on myself... I've been mainly into running and biking for the past 8 years with some weightlifting and calisthenics mixed in. Iíve also done a little bit of rock climbing and kayaking during this time.

I'm adopting this new fitness regimen because I want to get faster, stronger, and just better rounded athletically. Iím signed up for the San Antonio Rock Ďní Roll marathon on November 16th. Iíd like to see how this new training will help me will that.

I read about the Pose Method yesterday in CrossFitís 64th issue (December 2007). Even though Iíve been running for 8 years it has always been hard for me. I incorporated the Pose principles into the run part of my workout last night. It is so different from how I currently run that it was a bit awkward. I didnít realize how bad my running technique was until I read this article. Even though it was awkward I immediately saw how these changes would make my running more efficient. Iíve been wasting a lot of energy over the past 8 years!!!

Another change Iím going to incorporate into my marathon training is less running!! Sounds silly huh?? However, I think with CrossFit 3-4 times per week running 2-3 times per week will be enough. Previously, for marathon training I ran 5-6 days per week but I was always suffering from injuries.

My goal for this marathon is to finish under 3:40. My history for marathon times has been as follows.

2000 San Diego Rock Ďní Roll Ė 4:42:52
2001 Chicago Marathon Ė 4:01:20
2002 Houston Marathon Ė 3:57:20
2007 Houston Marathon Ė 3:54:31

SoÖ. 15 minutes is a big chunk to cut out but I know I can make it happen with the changes Iím making!!!!

Last night I also tried to complete one pull-up from a dead hang Ė couldnít do it! I also tried kipping. That is really hard! Iíve been watching the videos but that is just very difficult for me. I couldnít get that either. So another goal of mine for this year is to be able to do 5 dead hang pull-ups and to get the kipping motion down.

Iím really looking forward to this journey ahead! I have been looking for something different and it is funny how this just fell into my lap. Now there is so much new information for me to absorb with the message boards, the CrossFit journals, the exercise videos, and all these new techniques to learn!!!

Now for my workout postÖ

Wednesday, 4/23/08


Finished in 29:38

400m Run
50 Pullups (Assisted with Green Stripe Band)
400m Run
50 Pushups (10 regular, 40 modified on knees)
400m Run
50 Situps
400m Run
50 Air Squats
200m Run
25 Pullups (Assisted with Green Stripe Band)
200m Run
25 Pushups (5 regular, 20 modified on knees)
200m Run
25 Situps
200m Run
25 Air Squats

And Iím sleeping great after these workouts!!
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