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Re: Extra squats

Originally Posted by Alex Von Stekelburglr View Post
Hey guys!

I've been doing CF for the last 3 months and i'm so hooked!

Doing mainly CF-classes at my box 4-5 times a week.
Everything is going good, and doing small progress.

But i have a big problem with my squats, and thinking about turning up 30min Before class every day to do extra squats.
Is that a good, or will it only cause me to get over trained?

And how could a good programming look like for only squats ( all sorts)?

Hope someone can help me

take care!
If your issue is strength, I wouldn't do my extra work before a Metcon. If able, I would do your WOD, rest 10-15 minutes, maybe eat a banana and some nuts, then do your squat programming.
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