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Re: globo vs. box

I formerly used to work out in a globo gym and went to a CF box because....

I wanted to try to get my wife into lifting weights, and anyone who's tried coaching their wife even the least bit knows how difficult it is. Also wanted to get my oly lifts up, as well as getting the challenge/friendly competition.

Joined up for a little bit, did some workouts, liked it, but at the same time didn't like the randomness of workouts and not hitting certain strength movements more often, this point did not improve with time as I saw from my wife's rundown of workouts she did even after I left.

Also didn't like what both my wife and I felt was a LACK of coaching from the crossfit coaches, I dont think anyone had above a basic CF level 1 cert, and some on their bio had only trained for a couple years in their whole life.

I must admit I also did not really like the crowd that attended, not on a personal level (they were all nice actually) but rather on an athletic/competition level, most of the attendees were old people (power to them for getting fit) and out of shape women/men (again power to them), very few of the people who went were actually in any kind of shape or had any kind of strength, and some of the members have been doing crossfit at this box or another for over a year.

During my time there I met 2 guys who had halfway decent numbers, there were little to no advanced classes (or any other class/seminar then the basic class), and definitely not enough work on oly or slow lift strength and/or technique, which surprised me because the coach actually did a couple olympic lifting competitions.

It doesn't help that the city I am in has only 2 crossfit gyms basically, so not much choice.

So my wife and I left, I left earlier then she did, got back to my roots of strength & conditioning/powerlifting with my training partners. So I accomplished getting my wife into lifting heavier weights, but now we do it as a team her and my other training partners + me of course.

I will say the price tag is a hard pill to swallow for my wife and I, considering what we got for it, at about 300$/month for both of us, and that allowing us to go max 3 times a week, on top of paying for on ramp classes seperately at approx 80$ a pop.

I know people say crossfit gym memberships cost a lot of money because X, Y, Z, and the coaching is always mentioned as one thing, but I can honestly say I didn't think the coaching either of us got was worth that. I'd rather pay 500-600 a year (that covers us both, and lets us use more then one YMCA) for the YMCA I hit up when I am in Ottawa that has 2 stand-alone lifting platforms, TONS of werksan bumpers, actual oly bars, ivanko powerlifting bars, five 9ft tall hammer strength power rack with attached lifting platforms, and all the other stuff covered, other then that when i'm home, we'll hit up the base gym for free, until we get our home gym setup.

For the record I don't dislike crossfit, but I think for me I am better off self programming/going at it with my crew-support network, although I may check out the oly lifting club nearby to help on that side of things once in a while.

I just want to add something in case people feel I am complaining, that I still enjoy crossfit (and would recommend it) , and enjoyed some aspects of the box I went to, but that it just wasn't the right box for me I would say.

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