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Re: PR Backsquat - Questionable Depth

Originally Posted by Eric Shuty View Post
I'll argue with him cause he's still an idiot. Can't wait until the needlessly dropped bar bounces im an unexpected direction and rolls up on the back of his ankles. I prefer strength with class. To me stuff like this cries of a desperate need for attention. Just let the lift speak for itself. These are the same reason I hate touchdown dances. You aren't the first person to do it and you won't be the last.....
Glad to see that posting a video in hopes of constructive criticism results in some self-righteous dude with obvious experience coupled with arrogance calling me an idiot. And insinuating that I'm a showboat. This video wasn't to impress anybody. Neither was the lift. And dropping the weight for attention? At 365 pounds, do you really think I'd try to draw attention to that? It's my personal best, yeah, but literally half of what the real lifters move. I dropped the weight because I got nervous, light-headed, and started seeing stars. Give me a break. The owner at my box was and is just fine with it.

I think its fairly obvious that I'm not one of the superstars that seem to scan this forum day in and day out, and that I'm really just looking for help and advice to become a better Crossfit athlete. I don't know why you have to be so condescending and outright insulting. "Idiot." Really appreciate that. Thanks for deterring the point of the video.

To everyone else; I appreciate the help.
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