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Re: PR Backsquat - Questionable Depth

Originally Posted by Eric Shuty View Post
Upon watching all videos's still stupid. It's showboating at it's finest and actually makes it harder to unload the weight. It is the exact same thing as the bros at globo gyms tossing DBs from shoulder height after they get done doing shoulder presses. And since I have seen so many dummies do it over the years it has become one of my biggest pet peeves. I have done a crap ton of heavy squats in my life and not once did I consider heaving the weight off my back for no particular reason. We can argue all day long but to me it is ridiculous and unecessary...
That's funny. From the floor I can strip one side completely and then the other. It takes me less time than taking them off the rack and I can roll them straight into the rack instead of carrying them to the ground I also don't have to worry about taking to much weight off one side in the rack and having it flip over! each his own
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