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Re: CrossFit - Reekbok Apparel...

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
Whether you are a fan of Reebok, or not, I don't get why it is "not cool" that they get to pick the competitions or athletes they want to sponsor. I am sure they probably don't even know about 1/2 of the little events that various boxes put together during the "off-season." They are the name brand/title sponsor of The Games, so why would they even bother with the little regional events? Why would a "little guy" complain about Reebok NOT being involved? Make it yours, man! Do it right, put your stamp on it, and make a few bucks, or support your favorite charity!

If they want to throw their money behind something - and let's face it, they're the deepest pockets around CF now and for the foreseeable future - then don't you think they would like to have at least a modicum of control over it? If they don't, then the little guys get to run it as they see fit.

Maybe my opinion on the subject has changed over the past year. I was resistant to the idea of having Reebok come in and "make it theirs" with regard to the Games. However, I had some very productive chats (email and telephone) with CFHQ and Reebok in the lead up to last year's Games, and I attended the Games and was able to see it first hand. I thought they did a really good job overall - yes, there were some issues, but I am pretty sure they will work out most of those bugs for this year's event.

Sean, I think maybe I typed it wrong. I don't mind at all that they're on board. In fact, it help us little guys. Believe me, I'm making it mine. : )

I just feel bad sometimes for the Athletes they leave out. They don't sponsor or pay at all for these guys (except for a select few), and that is all these athletes do. I just wish they could help out a little bit in that sense.

As far as events, I'm pretty sure they could get involved a little more. There's comps everywhere, you can't miss them. Heck, all you gotta do is stay on facebook for 30 minutes, and you'll hear about one.

But believe me, I LOVE that they're involved. It helps us small guys stand a chance because people are not really fond of paying $100 hoody. lol.
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