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Re: No spotter for noob...bad idea?

Originally Posted by Michael Dowling View Post
been doing it 20 years now, never had a problem, my grip feels very solid thumbless. i don't typically bench over 230 anyway, i never max out on bench so it really isn't a problem.
Well, lots of people ride in their cars without wearing a seatbelt for 20 years and don't have a problem until they get in an accident and fly through the windshield. I bet a 230 lb bar to the throat can do a lot of damage. I mean, I bet a 95 lb bar to the throat can also.

Lifting weights has its risks like anything in life. It is true that a spotter can only do so much. It is true that the pins on a cage can fail. But, there are certain risks I just don't understand taking, and using a thumbless grip for bench is one of them.
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