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Re: how to compete at the crossfit games

Originally Posted by Bryan Kemper View Post
Affiliates are given the authority to assess ROM standards for their athletes and the scores submitted are assumed to be valid despite a video submission. Any cheating by affiliates will result in de-affiliation. That in itself would be a very large incentive for a business owner to not rist thier livelihood by shaving a few seconds off of someone's time.
THIS is the problem. I am not saying that there are tons of affiliates who would purposefully cheat. But, go to YouTube and watch some affiliate videos. Plenty of affiliates post public videos that demonstrate horrendous ROM. It's not that they are TRYING to cheat, but that is the accepted standard at their affiliate. I mean, I watched one the other day where MAYBE 5 pullups of 45 should have been counted. This was posted by an affiliate, not by a random person on the interwebz. It's one thing if there are a few questionable reps at a Sectional or Regional where all judges have had the same briefing and there are hundreds of eyes watching. I think allowing individual affiliate owners to be in charge of judging or arranging judging for their own athletes is quite another thing.
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