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Re: how to compete at the crossfit games

Talk about a thread jack. There's already a thread about pros/cons of the online sectionals. Anyway, to add to it
Originally Posted by Zach Doss View Post
To add:
I don't see why an affiliate couldn't "host" a sectional event. Promote it, tape the athletes (you have to do it anyway), and send in the results. The only guideline being set forth (we presume), is that the workout must be taped and submitted using the regulations as set forth by CFHQ.
If that's the case, then I don't see why you couldn't have a number of Sectionals events at your local box. Just host it. It's a win win for the athletes, the affiliate and the community.
Actually, the affiliate does not even have to film it. All affiliates that wish to participate can opt in on a week by week basis. By opting in, they acknowledge to have the facilities to perform the various WODs for that week's sectional. People can show up and try out that way, submitting their scores with an annotation about it being done at an approved affiliate.

That said, there's nothing wrong with said affiliate offering prizes for top spots at that specific competition even if none of them end up going on to regionals. You get camaraderie mixed with healthy competition and a decent does of beer thrown in

PS: 1000 people will be going forward to Regionals (60 competitors at 17 regionals). Cheating or not at sectionals, the BEST OF THE BEST will be going to the finals. I can GUARANTEE that the top 100 scorers at sectionals will have their videos picked over with a fine tooth comb. Any cheating of these guys or gals will be readily apparent just by the large number of eyes put on them.
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