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Re: 2010 games scoring - impossible to catch up?

I disagree in principle. The events should only have the same weight if the events are equal indicators of overall fitness. Unfortunately not all events are created equal. Taking the 09 games as an example:

The first few workouts were low-skill but tested a broad range (short & heavy, long & light). Of course a weakness exposed in one of those events should be more heavily penalized than a weakness during the hopper workout at the end. If you take a funneling approach to programming the games than it makes sense for the events and scoring to initially stratify the competitors and then fine-tune the results.

I also don't think changing the scoring system will make much of a difference. Like iterations, the more events that you have the less drastic any changes will be near the end. After 9 events it seemed fairly stable (+/- a spot or 2), which is why it seems that everyone's alternate scoring system is showing the same winner.
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