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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Originally Posted by Alexander Schmellerhine View Post
Wow, I'm amazed this post is still going strong. It was around during my first foray into Paleo World this summer. I was good for a few weeks and kinda have been doing half-hearted since.

But my local affiliate here in Tallahassee started their "Lean Into Spring" seven week challenge on Sunday last. Wow, before pictures really are quite a motivator! I'm committed to strict Paleo, CF, and taekwondo. I must admit, over the past three days though, I've suffered quite a performance dip physically and mentally. My last CF workout, I was totally gassed and with TKD I'm covering up more than kicking. But more importantly, I'm a lawyer who uses his brain for a living (in contrast to the other type of lawyer). My head has been so darned foggy, I just pray no on calls me up for some really sharp advice. Anyone got any suggestions? I've been eating fruit (apples, bananas, melon) when I start feeling foggy, but it gives me only a short term (30 minutes?) fix. As I'm trying to lean out, I don't want to just be eating fruit all day. Any advice from my fellow Paleo folks?

Thanks for encouragement, advice, etc--I really could use some!
Alexander, can you post what the rest of your eating looks like? (quantity wise). You may not be eating enough to sustain your needs, especially with crossfit and taekwando. Also, the first week or so can be tough as your body adapts to life without refined carbs and sugars.
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