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Re: inside elbow pain / pullups

I had the exact same issue. My thinking in hindsite is that the human body was not made to perform 100 pullups in a row. Steven Low's reply is right on. I tried all of that with no help. I wound up getting a cortizone injection just below the elbow joint which finally stopped the dull inflamation and pain. My doctor (a top sports med doc in NYC) said that he wanted me to be a guinea pig and use Flexor patches as the cortizone injections for this application are hit or miss. I said I have no time to experiment and got the injection. It has worked great and 2 months later I am back to sets of 10 pullups. Any more and I do feet on the ground pullups with a wrist strap. Slow and steady progress. I don't think I'll be back to 100 rx'd pullups anytime soon but who knows.
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