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Re: Official WordPress users thread.

Originally Posted by Brian Wilson View Post
Didn't want to put this on a seperate thread, but here's a problem I'm currently having with my Wordpress Blog (

For the last few weeks, about 80% of the time when I'm posting/editing a blog post or a page, I'll hit "Publish" or "Save" and get a "Server too busy" error. Sooner or later it will take, but like today I had to refresh, rewrite, and hit save 12 times before it just added one line to a page.

I'm also seeing that it has several Autosaves for pages and Drafts for posts along the way.

Is this Wordpress or could it be my host?
As per Matt's advice that this is a hosting issue, I called (my host) and asked them to help me troubleshoot this. They said that because I had not installed Wordpress through them, that I would have to backup my site, re-install Wordpress through them, then re-upload my site into their version of Wordpress. The rub being that the tech support guy said there was no guaranty that my backedup version of my site would re-upload because there are differences in the software.

I'm doing this all from zero knowledge of hosting or Wordpress, I started from scratch when I got started. Can anybody help a brother out? I'm dying having to post 3-4 times everytime I want to post something with still no guarantee that it will take. Now I'm getting told I may have to start the site from scratch?

Any and all assistance will be greatly greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!!
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