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Machines are better than nothing, and face it, nothing is what many would choose if they were given only the choice of doing CF. CF is difficult, demanding, and rewarding. Therefore it is not something "Joe Average" would willingly pick up as a regimen of regular use. Why do box gyms exist? Because fitness as defined by CF is above the norm. In this respect, and I say this regretfully, machines have thier place and are useful to many. Otherwise what would most do? The desire, motivation, knowledge, and guidance just aren't there for most so they choose the machine. I know this is true from experience. I use to do the gym routine thing and it is just easy to go in and do your routine, then head home with the satisfied feeling that you got your work out in when in fact you've done very little, if anything. Those of you who still use the gym for whatever reason know what I'm talking about. While you're in there doing your WOD you see lots of folks who are there just marking time. Don't read this as a cuff to others either please.
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