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Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Sounds like a similar tweak. Funny place to get hurt doing squats, huh? Guess it really is a full-body exercise. Even pullups don't seem to bother it. It's like the muscle got pinched or something.

Another good night. Solid form on the squats (felt way easier than on my last climb up the weight ladder), solid bench, and improving power clean (although form inconsistencies here made some reps less than lovely to behold).

Squat 215x5x3
Bench 163x5x3
Power Cleans 141x5x3

"Little Nicole"
3 rounds for time and reps
400 m
max pullups
22-15-13=50 in 8:43.

I was cooked after that and decided my goat could eat my shorts.
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