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Gene Folgo
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Row 4000m at 16:00
21 Cleans in less than 16:00
Row 2000m at 8:00
18 Cleans in less than 8:00
Row 1000m at 4:00
15 Cleans in less than 4:00
Row 500m in 2:00
12 Cleans in less than 2:00

The Cleans are all with 50% BWT. The allotted times may seem slow at first, but they include the transition time from the row to the clean. Any early finishes are rewarded with longer rest periods.

Before there was "murph," I thought this was the best Crossfit gut check workout. It is longer than most other CF WODs, but has an interesting mixture of pacing and sprinting in that the rows are paced, but toward the end of the workout, the interval gets tighter. Further, the intensity peaks on the last couplet, just where you want it to build toughness.

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