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Re: Thumbs down forů

Don't read this post if you have not seen the movie.

Originally Posted by Elliot Fuller View Post


Was there really any need to bring in the "God Question" with about 5 minutes left in the movie? It seemed like the only attempts at a deeper underlying meaning were made in the last 5 minutes and completely worthless. I guess Will Smith had a clairvoyant daughter who predicted the chick with the butterfly tattoo would show up.

Did they really need to do the zombies in CG? It was like I was watching The Mummy, and there was really no point for it. Also no explanation of how they had super-human strength for no apparent reason. I know plenty of 200+ pound people, who, if running full speed into the side of an SUV, would barely even rock it, much less flip it over

That was the point of the butterfly thing. Anna had been telling him how God had told her his plan, and that the world was so quiet now that you could hear if you just listened. It was right then that Neville realized that all of what happened was planned and he knew what he was supposed to do.

For the zombies being in CG, yea they had to do it. They tried filming it with 40 Zombie extras, but they had to film in the winter and at night. Most of them only wearing a pair of jeans, it was very difficult to make it look like they were mindless zombies. They didn't run at full speed, and were watching where they were stepping, and shivering a lot.

The biggest twist though, was that Neville's son was actually a girl! Ha, who saw that comming?!
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