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Off-season for a runner

Hi, I have a few months until my mid-winter half marathon to kick off the next season. I know from experience I can do that with minimal running, so I wanted to pursue a more balanced fitness routine in the meantime.

Through searching on the boards and reading up I think I could handle doing the Xfit warmup and maybe a modified version of the beginner's program (Crossfit Journal, May 2003) with dumbbells, which are all I have available to me. I may or may not add a long run to the 5 day program outlined. I'm not sure at this point. Does anyone have any feedback on effectiveness of the beginner's program, on using sprinting workouts as primary training for distance running, on using dumbbells instead of barbells, or anything I'm not thinking of?

Hoping to gain a better strength base and some balance and flexibility for more efficient running next season.

Thanks in advance!
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