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Re: Balancing carbs, protein, fats at meals...why??

Well, all I have to say is this.

Long-term Atkins adherents should be dead if they had to have carbs.

Those of us doing a mostly meat & non-starchy veggie diet AND doing CF-style workouts relatively intensely should be dead if we had to have carbs.

There is the actual experiment of a gentleman around the turn of the century who, while under observation, lived for about a year on seal organ meat and blubber just to prove it could be done. He got healthier and leaner on that diet. Wish I could find that link--if someone else has it, please post. The Inuit have been doing it for a long time--fruits and grains don't grow too well up in the Arctic.

Robb Wolf's blog would be a good place to go if you need more science to back this up WFS http://*************/?p=18.

People used to believe the world was flat. People now believe that humans need carbs to live, even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, both research and anecdotal (just go talk to the folks on the WFS

What's that? A ketogenic diet has been shown to be extremely beneficial with neurological diseases, particularly epilepsy? Shouldn't they be dead? WFS

David, no worries about me heating up in this argument. I don't have the time nor the desire to enter into that place.

Or, folks could just go on a meat and veggies diet for themselves and watch themselves NOT die, just get leaner and feel better.

About asking your nutrition teacher. Go ahead. I had a minor in nutrition. All of my teachers were overweight and unhealthy. I take that as a sign of the effectiveness of their "knowledge".

One last thing. Why do we crave carbs? Because our society has created excessively stressful lifestyles. Too much stress, too much cortisol. Excessive cortisol creates a desire for carbohydrates. Too many carbs, especially from the wrong sources (ie. grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, etc.) causes all sorts of problems. Links WFS:
A New Perspective on Glucocorticoid Feedback: Relation to Stress, Carbohydrate Feeding and Feeling Better
Stress-Related Cortisol Secretion in Men: Relationships with Abdominal Obesity and Endocrine, Metabolic and Hemodynamic Abnormalities
It's not that humans need carbs, it's that our stress creates a craving for carbs to balance our blood sugar in the *short term*. What we need to do is reduce our negative stressors and/or our perception of them.

OK, time to go work out. I've said my piece.
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