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Re: Crossfit Open 2016

Originally Posted by Michael Cook View Post
CrossFit HQ lays down the hammer with their drug test policy, disqualifying a whole team because 1 member refused to take a drug test:

From (wfs)

CrossFit has banned Laura Phelps-Sweatt from all CrossFit-sanctioned competitions for one year, and disqualified her team, Westside Conjugate, from the 2016 Central Regional due to a drug policy violation.

Collection agents from Drug Free Sport, at CrossFit's request, recently contacted Phelps-Sweatt for the purpose of conducting an out-of-competition drug test. She did not meet with agents to provide a sample. Phelps-Sweatt's failure to submit to the drug test constitutes a violation of the CrossFit Games Drug Testing Policy and carries similar sanctions as a positive drug test.

Phelps-Sweatt served as the affiliate manager of CrossFit Conjugate, and as a member of the Westside Conjugate regional-qualifying team.
I'm very glad to see that HQ has started taking skipped tests seriously on a more consistent basis. I feel bad that her whole team was DQd, but that's the breaks. I wonder if the whole team would have been DQd if she hadn't served as the affiliate manager.
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