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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Jason A Smith View Post
1/3 of the events in the team competition this year were counted from either all male or all female efforts. Mayhem, lead by Froning had by far the most dominating performance of any team in that department in the male only events. Their team comprised of Rich (4 time winner, 5 time top 2 competitor), James Hobart (who has been top 20 at the games) and Matt Hewett (top 20 last year in the central east). The male side of their team was stacked and the way the events rolled out definitely played well for them especially getting three wins in those solo events. Granted they did well in a lot of other events, but reality is that this year with the "super teams" they obviously wanted an opportunity to showcase the big names out there.

In contrast I went and looked at previous years team events, and there were zero solo events and at the most 200 points for just male/female scoring, a 10% increase from previous years and enough to make an overall difference. The male side of their team would be like Crossfit Reykjavik fielding a team with Annie, Katrin and one of their other top women competing. They would have crushed the other girls in the field.

The male side of their team was by far the best in the field and the women were good enough.
I wont disagree that the Mayhem guys weren't stacked, they obviously were. I was just pointing out the fact that there was no reason whatsoever to say that its rigged towards Froning and co. And its not like NorCal wasn't stacked either (obviously tough luck though).

One thing about the 2014 vs 2015 comparison, both 2014 and 2015 had 2 events that were male only and 2 events that were female only. The only change was adding in the 6 solo events. I really don't think that can be considered trying to favor anyone, considering it meant that Froning, Khalipa, Hack, and the other individuals that are now on teams all had to sit 5/6 of those events.

I agree on the Reykjavik women's team though - it would be really interesting to see something like that. Although the 808 women are beasts (won both female only events this year and were 2nd/3rd last year).

All in all though - I'm just glad you didn't say it was all setup for Froning to win lol. Hell, Quad City during regionals was wrecking house until their female had a knee injury. (Woah now, TWO teams that could have possibly beaten Mayhem had females get knee injuries halfway in, CONSPIRACY!!)
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