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Re: Globo gym competition prep training

Originally Posted by Harry Mitchell View Post
I don't know dude. I think our definitions differ. I am intermediate for a crossfitter I never said I was an advanced powerlifter. Strength isn't everything and I'm also quite good in the other areas of crossfit (flexibility, agility, balance) for a guy my size. I'm still the second strongest guy at my new gym. I'm not a powerlifter or weightlifter
Most definitely definitions will differ. With my lifts I still don't consider myself advanced. I will rephrase: At your bodyweight those numbers can easily still be increased by training at a conventional gym (i.e globo) with linear progression, which if i'm not mistaken is your game plan/goal.

The strength will only come if you train for it properly, I don't think it makes you a better or worse crossfitter. I do think higher big 4 would have a great carry over to the rest of your performance. Upping your squat by 50lbs would more than likely up your FS and your clean, AND also have carryover to thrusters and etc...
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