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Re: Max Rep Percentage Based Pull-up Program?

Originally Posted by David Hargis View Post
A few years ago I stumbled across a post referencing a pull-up program that worked off of your amount of max reps.

The program is to establish a max effort of total reps then use a different percentage of that number on different days of the week over the course of a few weeks.

For example,

Monday - 20% of max reps
Tuesday - 60%
Wednesday - 40%

The issue is that I can not remember the percentages per day and after extensive googling and board trolling I cannot find the article.

If memory serves it was a program used by or came from the Army and was named Johnny Pull-up or something of the like.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I would like to visit this again as I remember it looked like a sensible and straight forward template.
Until you manage to find it (fingers crossed after all your searching) why don't you just run what you've written:

Week one
Monday 20%
Wednesday 60%
Friday 40%

Week two
Monday 25%
Wednesday 65%
Friday 45%

Week Three
Monday 30%
Wednesday 70%
Friday 50%

Week four - retest

You can experiment with sets used.

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