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Re: At Large Nutrition (ALN) - Results & Opticen

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
OK, so CLA is present mostly in meat and dairy products. Believe it or not, there is more protein, and therefore amino acids, in a steak than there is in an Opticen shake. How do you know it wasn't the meat you ate or the milk you drank, since that would be the large majority of your protein consumption?

There's also something called a "returns policy" if you haven't heard of it. If you order something, and aren't satisfied or don't feel comfortable taking it, you can feel free to send it back and get a refund. Considering a disclaimer is given on the packaging, using the product should be your tacit agreement that you are OK with that. If not, return it. So sorry, your argument that "it doesn't say it on the website" isn't valid. And some people wonder why "hot beverage" has to be put on fast food coffee cups...

None of the ingredients in Opticen (whey protein and carbs mostly) and Results (creatine, beta-alanine, HMB) cause rhabdomyolysis unless you are doing something wrong on your end.
Hi Jeff,

The statement about Opticen's CLA was made by United States Poison Control Department themselves. If you have any disagreement of their statement, please send your complain to them and not me.

I don't know if you understand my posting, I have no intention in returning the products. I never mentioned "it doesn't say it on the website". Please read again below about the explanation that I gave to Eric.

"I meant the description page of each product. Both of Opticen & Results page don't have it while if you check Nitrean and others, they do have it at the bottom of the page. The owner should have the responsibility to quote that in every product page of his. I bought At Large Nutrition products online without having them on my hand to see. Therefore its critical that they provide all the necessary informations of a product in each one of At Large Nutrition's product web page. Just like when you walk into a store, you do not see a disclaimer board right the moment you walk in to summarize everything. Every products in store will put the important descriptions in their own respective product labelings. I had a trust in At Large Nutrition products (based on online experience) when I received the shipping, therefore when I used the products, I only read the part of recommended dosage. The information found online should convey the same and/ more important descriptions of a physical product."

I did not do any wrong on my end that could cause rhabdomyolysis and the hospital already confirmed that with many tests. I am posting an explanation about the possible side effects of consuming At Large Nutrition's Opticen and Results as that was the condition that I was in. Please take it or leave it. Thanks.

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