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Re: AtLarge Nutrition

Originally Posted by John L. Mclaughlin View Post
What exactly is Nitrean? Also, is the "Results" sup something similar to a muscle hardening/cutting sup? I've been looking for some sups that give me better bang for my buck. This looks like a protein sup, a PreWOD sup, and creatine. Speaking of creatine, does ALN have any creatine supps?
Nitrean is their version of Whey protein with an added 5g of leucine. This is usually taken regularly however you would usually take your proteins.
Results is an altogether different animal. Chris says there is no need to time it during any certain point of your day. However, since it has a pretty heavy hit of carbs i usually pair my Nitrean and Results in one shaker and have them both PWO.

His BCAA's are also pretty great and I usually take them 10-20 minutes prior to any workout or if I have a workout fasted I usually take a dose of BCAA's as well. I am not a big follower of Pre-Workout drinks and have never used Chris's with any frequency. much caffeine for me, ive found from experimentation, before a wod is actually counter-productive.
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