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Re: Sharknado

Originally Posted by Blair Robert Lowe View Post
Crazy wod, jeff. Reminded me a bit of king kong. Rings after bench sounds dumb cause of tricep lockout.

Your shoulder and lumbar is the same as a rings specialist. Aka hunched though you seem to squat and overhead sq and oly better than those i know who turned cf.
I like the King Kong-esque stuff for where I'm at right now. Heavy, relatively short, and I can usually make up stuff to hit areas I hadn't yet, or skills without doing specific skill work - kind of like how that Rick Scarpulla conditioning stuff works. Deads and KB snatches hit the former, MUs for the ladder. And BJs just because I like to jump. Probably should have just done straight MUs though without the dip.

Speaking of skills, found out from a friend that knows the hosting box owner of a team competition I'm going to in a few weeks that handstand walking is almost certainly part of one of the works. Dangit, I freaking stink at handstands!! Grr...

And that does make sense with comparison to ring specialists. I haven't had any issues with my back or anything, but 1) I don't want it to happen in the future, and 2) My semi-bad posture is really annoying. Been doing my mobility RX the past couple days... I must actually be "broken" because these things are HARD!

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