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Re: My day with Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage (Westside 4 Athletes)

Originally Posted by Paulo Santos View Post
Rick asked me what some of my maxes were and I told him I had just tested my Bench and Squat a few days ago. My Bench had gone up by 10# to 195# and my Squat had gone up by 10# to 275# (I'm 5'7", 165#). I'm not the strongest guy in the world.

I told Rick that I wanted to learn to properly Box Squat and Bench, since I knew my form was lacking. I started with the Box Squat and to my surprise, I was able to work up to a 365# 1RM with some light bands. That was awesome. Rick then showed me some Assistance Exercises for my Hamstrings and I did a whole workout using the different exercises. I learned how important hamstrings were to improve my squat.


365#+light bands ? Nice! I can only imagine what sort of things I need to change with respects to my form.... I'd really like to take a trip down to Westside one day.

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