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Need New Meal Replacement


I'm not a breakfast person. I've tried it and don't like it and with all of the IF studies going around now it makes me want to continue to skip breakfast. I wake up at 7. Drink coffee from 9-11am then at lunch about 1:30. I start getting hungry and ate Paleo Kits every day about 11:30AM for a year.

Steve changed the recipe a couple times and I just can't enjoy them like I used to (too much sauce, tastes different and I don't like dried blueberries) and at $6.50 apiece it was no longer worthwhile.

Anyways - I was going to try MDA's Primal Fuel to replace my Paleo Kits but then saw the post about PWO shakes and it seems everyone loves Nitrean.

Is there any difference between these protein shakes and Primal Fuel? Is there more to a "meal replacement" shake than just the protein? Are their others out there that are cheaper or better than the ones Mark Sisson makes?

TLDR: What are the best meal replacement foods and drinks out there? Thoughts & advice are appreciated.
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