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Re: speed ball jump ropes...worth it?

Originally Posted by Kevin Johnson View Post

i feel like these could be home made. does anyone have experience with these or see them as something beneficial? i'm sucking at jump rope, and wondering if this would help at all. at least to get the flicking feel down in my wrist and more hopping practice without constantly having to stop every few jumps.

The speed balls are not for people necessarily just "sucking" at jump rope. They were designed by competitive jump rope athletes to train our wrists and forearms intensely. They are also used to work on issues that we see in our non-dominant hand/wrist. The speed balls allow for the athlete to focus on this troubled area without having to think also about jumping/getting over the rope. I have been competing for 30+ years and continue to use the speed balls. I train with them 2-3 times per week to strengthen my left wrist - which go figure still needs attention after all these years. I love the speed balls as a tool, but would never say they are going to cure anyone of their overall double under issues. they are just a great addition to your bag of tricks if you are struggling with using your wrists and technique. If you have more questions please ask!

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