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Drop in Etiquette

I'm posting here since it seems like the most logical place. I'm happy to cross-post if it makes sense and is possible.

First of all, I'm a member, not a box owner. Keep that in mind when as I call attention to this.

When travelling we should assume that there is a drop-in fee. I have noticed in our box drop-ins who either assume or expect that there is no fee. I've seen them ask "is there a fee?" and occasionally, even when told, I've seen folks skip out on paying. Really?

I've dropped into a box once or twice and have never assumed that I could work out for free. I've either paid for the session, or where the box allows it, purchased a t-shirt. We all know what the monthly costs are for a member, why would we assume we would be exempt from a fee just because we're tourists.

What is particularly galling to me is that the majority of the culprits are fellow Americans. Come on guys! For better or for worse we're all tarred by the same brush outside the US (I live in Switzerland). Assuming a free service is bad enough (it's rude) skipping on the bill is criminal.

Happy to hear other views on this.
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