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Re: Free Online Coaching for 2 Lucky CrossFit Athletes!

If you really want to train someone for the Games you have two options, get on a 2-3 year plan OR cycle with the competition season.

Most Crossfitters cycle with the season so they train the way they do because you CANNOT afford to be strength biased right up until Januray, with the Open being so METCON heavy, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Now if you want to program for the 2015 Games it's a different story, but anyone training for 2014 needs to set the maximal strength their going to carry through the season by about November. Maybe you could push if you are coming from an aerobic background.

Weightlifting (Oly lifts for layman) most of us will continue to improve on because they aren't strength based.

Anyway, just wanted to shed light on why CF'ers train how they do, because it is really (depending on how far you advance) a 7-9 month off-season. And there's a TON to fit in.
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