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Re: Free Online Coaching for 2 Lucky CrossFit Athletes!

Originally Posted by Sean M. Hutchinson View Post
I'm not trying to qualify people for USAW Nationals. That is a pretty simple feat these days. FYI, I don't know any National Medalist (men's) that didn't at least Clean and Jerk double body weight to win their weightclass besides the 105's and 105+ categories. Anyways, I'm trying to get people stronger so that they can aspire to one day compete at the CrossFit games. I'm not saying I can get you strong enough to get to the games in 12 weeks. I'm just trying to show you there are better ways to train than simply performing metcons day in and day out with one or two strength exercises a day year round. Just like any other sport CrossFit has season. If you aren't totally focused on strength and power development at this point in the season then you are on the wrong track to getting to the games let alone regionals or even top 100 in your region in the open. I'm offering free coaching to help people get better. That is all.
Oh, I'm with you with all of that. I haven't done more than one MetCon in a week for a few months now (besides a couple competitions). Just, saying something like "don't even have a double bodyweight clean" like it is something readily attainable sounds a little condescending. Just using weightlifting weight classes as an example - that's 375# for an 85kg lifter and 414# for a 94kg lifter (the classes that a large majority of CF competitors would fall into). That's not chump change.

And, I read and didn't respond because I'm already getting in-person coaching from a National-level lifter and USAW Level 2 coach.

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