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9/11 themed WOD Competition Entry

I know there was a thread on here about putting together a 9/11 themed WOD but I can't seem to find it. I think enteries were due by Aug 5th or 6th.
Hopefully this post will count as an entry.
343 FF's lost
1st in companies climbed roughly 80 flrs.
In full Bunker gear(Try first without a pack)
Non-fire service participants can just wear a 40lb vest.
Also no need to due it on air.
1. DB DL 40# - 50 reps
2. 80 step ups
3. 33 zercher squats w/ 2nd in bag*
4. 80 ft. duck wallk
5. 80 ft 80# plate drag
6. 20 pullups
Total 343 reps
then superset
1. 9 push ups/11 tire strikes w/ 8# sledge
for 9 Rounds
*2nd in bag consist of 3 lengths of 1 3/4", tip, and gated wye. Roughly 75-100 #'s. Sub sandbags if non-firefighter or if your Co. doesn't use same set up. Zercher squat is basically a front squat.
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