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No matter what you goals are (expect if your goal is to become fat) you wont miss a thing at all if you eat:

Lean meat, fish, fowl and eggs.
Vegetables of any kind (hold back on the potatoes).
Fruits of any kind (hold back on the ripe bananas).
Fat in the form of olive oil and fish oil (obviously you wouldn't want to use fish oil for cooking, just eat the capsules).
Dairy: milk, cheese and yougurt (it's not a must, but if you like dairy and have no problems with them, I say eat 'em).

Sugar, candy, flour, bread etc. In other words avoid c r a p food and fast food. Learn to cook. You won't regret it.

Concentrate every meal around the meat, and supply with vegetables. Eat fruit and nuts for snacks.

Regarding eating before and after workouts, I personally perform best on an empty stomach while others just can't do without food. If you can't do without food, eat approx. 1 1/2 hour to 45 min. before. You CAN go for a protein shake after training if you want to enlarge the purse of the protein shake business owner. If you don't have that ambition, go for a regular meal with meat in it. Read: Go for real food.

And finally: always trust your body when it comes to food. Eat when your hungry, and when I say hungry, I mean a hunger that doesn't go away after 5 minutes. Also use the mirror alot. Do you like what you see? The more you like it, the more on right track you are ...
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