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Re: Re-Tread(NWFS)

5 rounds
BW Bench Press + Max # Pull-ups

BW bench press (that's not going to happen)
I set the bar at 165#, fairly light v. my body weight but if I tried my body weight I'd have to have Ms. Cleo publish this note. I don't bench that much so with a little "concentration" on it, I'd imagine I could get to BW fairly quick, and if I can start shedding #'s of fat they'll meet somewhere in the middle.

165#x5 all rounds

pull ups 10-7-6-6-5

the first set of pull-ups really surprised me. I didn't expect to bang out 10 in a row, definitely pleased with that, three weeks ago I couldn't string 4 together. Grip seems to be a major issue, time to pull out the CoC and get to work on that. The other issue was space. The bar was a bit low, I could reach it from the ground flat footed, so it affected the way I kipped.
I suck...but I'm working on it.
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