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Re: My First Workout Log!

Nice work man! Personally I can't even imagine power cleaning anything close to what I squat clean. You're definitely a powerful dude. A little work on technique and you will be putting up some serious numbers.

Oh, and I'm working on that stretching video. I'll probably post it tomorrow, and let you know when it's up. Good luck on Angie tomorrow! The b**** wiped me out. I'm still light-headed haha.
m 23 5'7" 192 lbs. Angie 9:13, Grace @ 225lbs 4:15, Elizabeth 3:40, Fran 2:09, King Kong 2:11, Back Squat 505, Deadlift 505, Press 235, C+J 325, Snatch 255. Log | YouTube
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