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Jay Edvardz
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I really made an *** of myself on this one. Wednesday and Thursday, I joked around with everyone where I work that the hurricane would not amount to anything (I live in Orlando) and it was all just a joke. Friday night I find myself in a closet because of a nearby twister, and not long thereafter the power goes out. I went out after the storm passed, armed with a flashlight and boyish curiousity; I found cars crushed by trees, houses crushed by trees, and every road in my neighborhood blocked off by tons of debris. The power didnt come back on till this morning around 10 this morning. They say you don't know what ya got till it's gone, I say damn straight. Thank God my family and friends are all ok. My prayers go out to any Crossfitters, or anyone for the matter, who was caught in the midst of Hurricane Charley.

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