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Re: Milt's Log II

Oct 5, 2016

5 min. row: 1193m/74cal - easing back into some activity tonight with a row at home.

So, last friday I had my vasectomy done, so I had to take it easy for a few days to heal from that. Also, I decided to finally do something about the knee issues I have been whining about lately.

I paid a visit to a physiotherapist today, got my bursitis and baker's cyst looked at. Turns out I have a muscle imbalance between my gluteus medius and the VMO muscle. The pain is in my right knee, but the imbalance exists on both sides. Had some IMS (intramuscular stimulus) work done...where acupuncture needles were put into various points in my leg muscles, causing a rapid flex/relax response, it helps break the fascia up and un-stick some of the tight muscles (so I am told). Anyway, it worked well, as I was able to kneel with no pain for the first time in weeks.

After my row, I hit a good 20-minute lower body mobility session. I have been given a few stretches for my calf, ankle, hams, quads and hips to get things rolling there, and a few exercises to help add strength to my glute med and VMO which should help correct the strength imbalances.

Im booked in to CF956 for Saturday, will hit the mobility and a longer row or two in the mean time. I will ease back in, with some lower weights and really work on the weak points in the chain.

After one day, I can already feel things working better!

All this while PR'ing my understanding of Aggregate Supply-Aggregate Demand economic models! Good evening for the Milton tonight!
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