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Re: Deadlifts: drop or put down?

Originally Posted by Eric Chapman View Post
On Matt "KROC" Kroczaleski's youtube channel someone asked, "Why do you drop the weight like that after every rep? Why dont you lower it in a controlled fashion?"

Matt responded, "Because in a powerlifting meet you pull a max single from a dead stop, there is no down movement so you don't benefit from the stretch reflex of lowering the weight. By not providing any resistance on the way down I am attempting to simulate competition conditions and eliminate the stretch reflex as much as possible."

That seems like one good reason to me for dropping dl's.
Need to nip this in the bud; here's the video in question (WFS) As you can see, Matt lowers each rep with his hands on the bar, although he doesn't bother to slowly control the negative. The last rep he lets go of it a bit earlier than would be allowed in competition, but yknow what, he's Matt.

I don't drop deadlifts for the same reason I don't bounce bench presses off my chest or squat above parallel, because it's dumb. I figure if a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing right, and for my definition of "right" I don't see any problem with adopting the standards of the many international organizations who exist for the purpose of testing and judging these movements.
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