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Re: Deadlifts: drop or put down?

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
And the much lighter weights in metcons don't enforce good form, either. It's easy to just sling the weight around, only to realize the next day how bad an idea that was.

Yep, that's happened to me before and I definitely don't want to do it again.

Originally Posted by Shannon Mullens View Post
Honestly, the more I do DLs, the more I am unwilling to do anything approaching deadlifts "for time" unless the weight I'm doing is something with which I'd warm up, and even then I'm cautious about form.
Me too, I tape myself so I know, and not just feel, that my form is solid.

Originally Posted by Geoff Archibald View Post
The injuries were in a metcon. Our coach has been wary of programming deadlifts in a metcon since, although we did do Rankel last week. I think he now tries to pay special attention to form and keep the volume low. With Rankel the number of reps isn't outrageous for most people. In my last 3 rounds I was doing 2 sets of 3, lowering 2 and dropping the 3rd. I also don't bounce the bar. I lower, reset and pull. No pain or unusual soreness the next day.

As far as soreness goes, for me volume hurts more than max efforts. I am way more sore after 200 air squats than working up to a 3 or 5 rep max BS. I don't remember the specific metcon where people were hurt but I think it was over 100 reps of deadlifts at a moderate weight (185 for guys maybe). Might have been 10 rounds of 10 DL and a 200m run. Might have even been a dotcom WOD. It was quite a while ago.
That will do it.
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