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Thursday 18 NOV 10

Resy day, thank goodness

Friday 19 NOV 10

I was planning on doing some more fitness testing with my training partner but the fieldhouse was closed so we made up a WOD that we could do in the spin room.

Tabata spin intervals
Tabata pushups
Tabata planks
Tabata squats

This sucked. Hard. I was breathing so hard from the spin intervals that I struggled with the pushups and ended up having to do most of them from my knees to maintain any kind of intensity. I used to be able to hold a steady plank for 2 min; I knew I hadn't practiced them in a while but didn't expect them to hurt as much as they did. The squats were OK (averaging 14 a round) until I missed the chime for a rest break and things went downhill from there. I didn't write down numbers as I went through, but they weren't impressive.

Saturday 20 NOV 10

The entire gym was closed today so we made up a WOD after moving renovation materials around my garage.

5 Rounds for Time of:

10 45lb overhead squat
15 1pood KBS
15 jumping dips
15 14lb wallballs

Round 1: 2:45
Round 2: 3:18
Round 3: 3:31
Round 4: 4:02
Round 5: 3:27

Total 17:05

Midway through round 2 my partner suggested we cut the number of rounds down from 5 (it sounded appealing at the time but I was too winded to answer and so kept going) and at the end he informed me that I'm not allowed to help invent workouts for us any more. It didn't look like it was going to be that bad! I kindof liked how much this sucked though. For everything except overhead squat the exercises were all things I can do in one set if I want it enough mentally so it's good for practicing toughness. I was also happy with the OHS as they are getting better with practice. I still had to break them up and I had to reset a couple times because my technique started falling apart, but I didn't have to drop the weight like I did the last time they were part of a workout.
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