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Re: UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi

I don't know either Sean. Our humanity seems sometimes lost in sports, and that's just sad.

Originally Posted by Jason R O'Dell View Post
I don't even wish for Nate's career to be over. But I sure do wish for him to never win another fight and to somehow get his mouth wired shut for the rest of his life.

Now as far as wishing for careers to be over....if Lebron James' career ended tomorrow I'd go dance in the street. But he's about the only one I have that feeling for.
See what I mean? Now why would you wish someone who has done nothing against you such an ill fate???

The only reasons I can think of it are all about jealousy, envy, and poor self-steem and confidence, even if the hater dosen't realize, which in most cases they don't, and in fact, will argue to death that that's not the case...
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