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Re: UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi

I don't know how to multiquote so please forgive my retardness. But here we go...

You replied: "It's mind boggling how people can't let other people just dislike someone."

Well, its way more than just a dislike...

Originally Posted by Jason R O'Dell View Post
I hate Nate so much ....
...wouldn't you say?

You "...don't like watching the guy fight... don't like listening to the guy talk...don't want to see the guy on my TV" then DON'T! But to hate on a guy you know VERY little of it and who has no impact on your life whatsoever is ridiculous.

Hate is a strong feeling brother, try to feel as little of it as you can and project as little as you can towards other beings. Ideally none. Dwell in love instead, and towards the people you really can't stand (hopefully for a valid reason) try be indifferent...

Have a great day...
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