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Anthony Bravato
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Hey everyone. I am new to crossfit and excited to start! I have conventionally thought of myself as being in good shape, but the ladies have proven me very wrong! I am mimicking the workouts to the best of my ability, but I know progress will come.

My main question has to do with activity integration. I am coming over from The SEAL Quest board and am pursuing endurance goals as well (swimming and running).

When I do my running and swimming workouts, should I do those on the same days I have my CF workouts? How should I alter a zone type diet? Should I just eat more? I want to keep gaining strength and maintain my mass, so any tips would be helpful. (I am about 195 and 7-8%BF now)

I know this is pretty commonly asked stuff, but there is a lot of other topics to sift through when I do a search. Let me know the best way to go about this and/ or other threads that have covered this subject. Thanks!

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