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Re: Heavy D's Workout Log

Girlfriend came over my house to swim today and I wanted to show her what a CrossFit style workout looked like. I figured I would workout, do some running, and jump in my pool to join her when I was done.

I came up with a little something like this:
2 Rounds:
25 pulls on the rower
25 thrusters with 40# sloshpipe
25 pushups
25 backsquats with 40# sloshpipe
25 wallballs with 16# ball
25 pullups

1 mile run with steep hill for the last 200m or so.

I ended up forgetting about my friend wanting to workout with me so I told him to stop by and I would give him the WoD and he could use my equipment. My girlfriend edged me on and told me to do the workout again, so I did.

My first time was 24:17

Second time around was 24:28

It was a fun day, but I was too tired to join my girlfriend in the pool. I'll be hearing about that soon enough.
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