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Re: CrossFit doesnt work...

As someone that has been through ALS, I think you have it summed up with the lack of discipline and commitment the students will put into it. I remember my ALS, it was hard enough to get people to pass their academic tests much less physical fitness standards. If awards, pass/fail, etc... was contingent on PT scores, I bet you would see a vast improvement. What motivation do they have? From the post I read here on this site, no one started CF because somebody made them.

Another thing, you say that scores on the PFT are going down in some cases. Have you taken into account the validity of their original test scores? I remember reading how PACAF found numerous discrepancies when members were retested randomly 2-3months later. Average waist size was 3inches larger than recorded on PT test and run time was at least :30 slower. This is one of the reasons we are changing our PT standards to testing twice a year and making a requirement for HAWC to administer the test.

I commend your effort and dedication in producing a program for your Airmen to follow. But your test group is flawed as you have already noted. These Airmen are not picked to go to ALS because the are the best and brightest but because they made E-5 and it is a requirement, or haven't made E-5 but have been in for awhile. The latter validates the not so best and brightest. I am not saying that some of the individuals are not firebreather go-getter types, but you would have to agree that the majority of them could care less about ALS, personal fitness and would rather get drunk/laid(not in that order), my 2cents.

The AF screams about fit to fight but are unwilling to completely make a change for the better. As your commandant was probably forced to do, he/she seriously hampered your study/exercise regimen. Yet, I am happy to see the attempt was made.

In response to the question about pull-ups, I guess they were left out due to the fact that the AF does not require these and the accessibility of pull-up bars on an AF base is limited for that reason.(I knew I liked the AF for some reason, no pullups bar=no pullups)

ALS class 03C, Moody AFB, GA
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