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Re: CrossFit doesnt work...

1. 2 PT sessions a week is not enough to dramatically improve a person's PT score, even if you work them uber hard. Especially if those personell are not doing anything in between and not monitoring their diet.

2. Diet, Sleep and Choice of weight are all factors in physical performance. They they are eating like crap, not getting any rest and choosing weights that don't challenge them then they aren't going to get better.

3. If someone is forced to do something, rarely do they excel at it. Most of the time they will do enough just to meet the requirement and with as minimal effort as possible. The reason crossfit works for all of us is because we give our absolute best effort each time we workout. On top of that, we monitor our diet (some more than others), get as much rest as possible and are challenging ourselves to push more weights and complete wods faster.

4. I don't think the problem is your programming. You're only given two days a week and you are trying to make the most of it. The problem is motivating these airmen and women to do more than just these two work outs. Teaching them proper ways to diet, get rest and pushing them to go all out are ways to help them get more out of the program.

Are you charting their times/weights for WODs? Are you congratulating someone who sets a PR? Are you having them set goals for themsevles? The PT test shouldn't be a goal by itself, general fitness and well being should be the goal with the pt test helping to benchmark their times.

The reason that any workout program works or doesn't work is becuase the person(s) performing the program are doing more than just going through the motions. Mainy people fail to recognize that aspect of fitness. You can workout all you want to, but working out does not make up for poor diet or lack of rest.

Crossfit works for me because of the way it pushes me (see my testemonial "emptying the cup) other programs didn't work for me because I didn't have that desire to push myself with them.

Crossfit is not the end all be all of workout programs. Why do you think there's Crossfit Endurance and Crossfit Footbal?. Crossfit is a tool just like diet, rest, and stretching are.

It is wrong to say that crossfit doesn't work based on your experiment because you aren't following the crossfit program as it is recommended. Plus there are too many variables that are not being controlled to single out crossfit as the culpret.

I think it's great that you are using crossfit ideas to shape your PT program. But understand that crossfit is not the problem that's keeping your soldiers from improving their PT test. You are doing the best you can with what little you've got to work with. But don't blame the program based on what you can't control.
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