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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

Originally Posted by Bob Guere View Post
**Testimonial by proxy**

I reconnected with a high school friend via Facebook, and the CF/nutrition Pandora's box was eventually wide open. I challenged her to give herself 30 days without eating any grain or sugar ( I thought she'd make it 2 weeks, which would be a good start to kicking the white crack ).

Well, today is day 30, and this chick has shed 14 lbs. She feels great, loves the foods she had to eat while doing this, and has a new found interest in fitness as well.

So, this challenge really goes beyond CF. Keep it up folks.
How inspiring! Congrats to her.

Good job everyone!


I've been going strong. 10 blocks a day. No grains. No sugar. No chocolate (I need at least a week detox from THAT).
I feel okay -- I have not been able to sleep... :/ but soon I hope I'll be so exhausted I just crash and have an amazing rest, hah. Workouts have been going well (3 days on 1 day off). Craving strictly consist of chocolate and nut butters. And I'm avoiding at all costs. Hah. So all's well on this end. Thank goodness for this thread <3
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